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Don’t forget about the kids, even if you don’t have any!

As an adult, your priorities might include a neighbourhood close to a golf course, shopping centers, or fine dining restaurants. Perhaps you’re interested in jogging trails or easy access to entertainment venues. But for children, their entire world revolves around the few streets in and around their home. Their playgrounds are the local parks, and their social circles form with other kids nearby.

So, what makes a neighbourhood great for kids? Consider these factors:

  1. Parks and Playgrounds: Look for neighbourhoods with modern playground equipment, green spaces, and safe areas for kids to play. Parks become their magical kingdoms, and swings and slides are their castles.
  2. Daycare Facilities: For young families, daycare centers are essential. Proximity to reliable childcare services can significantly impact parents’ peace of mind.
  3. Schools: Access to quality education is crucial. Check out nearby schools and their reputation. A good school can shape a child’s future.
  4. Recreation Centers: These hubs offer activities like swimming, sports, and arts programs. They’re not just places for exercise; they’re where friendships blossom.
  5. Sports Fields: Soccer, baseball, basketball—these fields become the stage for kids’ adventures and teamwork.
  6. Sidewalks: Even a simple sidewalk in front of your home matters. It’s where they ride bikes, draw hopscotch squares, and learn to balance.
  7. Other Kids: Having peers nearby is essential. Kids need friends to share secrets, play games, and create memories.

Several academic studies confirm that kid-friendly neighbourhood features significantly impact a child’s well-being, psychological growth, and academic performance. So, when choosing a new home, think about the kids—even if you don’t have any yet.

But what if you don’t plan to have children? Consider whether you want to live in a kid-friendly area. Maybe you’ll enjoy the occasional street hockey game played in front of your home. Or perhaps you’d prefer a quieter setting. Either way, your neighbourhood choice matters.

Need help selecting the ideal neighbourhood? Call today! Our experts can guide you toward a place where both adults and kids thrive.


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